Digitata’s Intelligent Purchase Products empower mobile operators to influence their customers behaviour at the point when the purchase decision is made and taken.

Our intelligent purchase bundles use key attributes and variables to achieve specific use cases, objectives and outcomes for the mobile network operator.

Attributes Include:

  • Included value (MOU/MB)
  • Optimal price point
  • Validity Period
  • Speed or Throughput

Variables Include:

  • Time of Purchase (by hour)
  • Location of Purchase (down to cell resolution)
  • Customer profiles (by segment)

Our Suite of Intelligent Purchase Products


Short Duration Bundles

(also known as Snapi Bundles)


Pre-Buy Bundles


Standard MNO Bundles


Balance Appropriate Bundles


Incentive Bundles

Intelligent purchase products allow a mobile operator to create tactical voice and data bundle products and price them by time, location and segment.