Digitata’s Intelligent Consumption Products empower mobile operators to influence their customers’ consumption after the purchase has been taken place to drive specific usage and behaviour decisions.

Our Intelligent Consumption Bundles use key attributes and variables to achieve specific use cases, objectives and outcomes for the mobile network operator. 

Attributes Include:

  • Usage rewards (by hour)
  • Forecasted cell traffic load
  • Optimal price points
  • Included value (MOU/MB)
  • Validity Period
  • Speed or Throughput

Variables Include:

  • Time of Purchase
    (by hour)
  • Location of Purchase
    (by Cell location)
  • Customer profiles
    (by segment)

Our Suite of Intelligent Purchase Products

Our Intelligent Consumption Products allow a mobile operator to stimulate data usage amongst customers in under utilised areas and time slots across the network.


OnUs Bundles


Service Aware Bundles


Content Aware Bundles


Rate Adjuster Bundles

Intelligent consumption products enable mobile operators to package intelligent pricing, mobile data and digital services together to influence usage patterns.